This is the baptism (christening) of Theodoros in Petros Pavlos Church at Dilofo Varis. Reception followed at Kavouri, in Athens Riviera next to the sea. On a sunny summer day, Theodoros’ family and friends gathered in the beautiful church of Petros & Pavlos at Dilofo Varis (Vouliagmeni). They have traveled from far away, the USA, to carry the family tradition of christening their first young boy as a Greek Orthodox. A big tradition for all Greeks living abroad.

After the church baptism – christening ceremony, family and friends enjoyed the sunset in a near the sea restaurant at Kavouri. The location gave us the perfect timing and place to make some final portraits of the family. Theodoros was the star of the day!

Check out a selection of photos from the baptism (christening) day.

Church: Petros Pavlos Church at Dilofo Varis (church website)

Petros Pavlos church – baptism photos