With not much thought, this is probably the nicest and most intimate elopement in Milos island, Greece. This couple gave much thought on what seems a simple elopement in Greece. A simple exchange of vows this was not. Tristan gave much thought and organised everything from the other part of the world. Destination Milos island, one of the most unique and full of character islands in Greece. Take a look at this Intimate Grecian inspired elopement in Milos island between two people in love.

Having seen the island only over the internet, the couple had this wonderful idea. We would meet at the hotel and go around Milos taking photos before finding a quite place so they could exchange vows and rings. What a great idea? We all were loving Milos and we immediately started going around the island. From the quite harbor of Pollonia, to the extraordinary scenery of Sarakiniko beach. Papafragas natural beach was on our way and we also stopped to numerous small natural harbors along the way. Everything was falling into plan and as soon as we found the small and peaceful harbor of Mandrakias, everything fell into place!

Intimate Elopement in Milos, Mandrakia village

If you ever visit Milos, find your way to this natural preserved small harbor with all these colorful boats and small garage styled doors that locals use to store their boats in the winter. It’s a wonderful place, set on the north side of the island. For Tristan and Jennifer this was the perfect set for their story. These small details are all that matter. Congratulations to Tristan and Jennifer! Check out the photos of their elopement in Milos island. I hope you like them!

Hotel: Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa
Dinner: Medusa Restaurant, Mandrakia Milos

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