Wedding in Milos island

This is the wedding of a loving couple who chose to do their wedding in Milos island. This unique and picturesque island of the Aegean, home of the statue of Afrodite. A wonderful summer wedding in Milos, as the couple organised an orthodox wedding and a next to the beach ceremony. The time we to


A day with an Athens Photographer

Travelling to Greece? If you are visiting Athens, why don’t you spend a day with an Athens photographer? If you are thinking of visiting, do plan to get the best photos for the capital of Greece, Athens. Hiring an Athens photographer is a great thing to do, especially if you love photos. Pl


Wedding dress fitting with friends & family + tips

While we first met thru the internet, i immediately found her, a heart warming person, very outgoing full of young and fresh attitude. Along with her future husband, Nertil, we all three planned their wedding photography coverage, but it was her last wedding dress fitting that got all of us excit


Nikolas + Eirini

Remember this pre-wedding photo shoot? Check the link to see some gorgeous images from our walk in central Athens. Nikolas and Eirini wedding was a perfect wedding! These are my favorite photos from the wedding.


Sam & Anna | Milos island wedding

What do you say to two young people, when they ask you to travel to the Aegean and capture their Milos island wedding? You just accept! Their story, their youth is what impressed me the most, the desire to live their whole life together. Coming from another country, having your wedding in an Aege


Panagiotis + Areti | summer time wedding

Two beautiful young people, in their happiest day of their life, a summer time wedding. Thank you for letting me capture the magic, to be with you on this special occasion. We captured the wedding from early getting ready sessions, the ceremony and the beautiful party in one of the most elegant o


Vasiliki + Giannis | Nafplio photo shoot

A colorful next day wedding Nafplio photo shoot. Vasiliki and Giannis, at their best, where kind enough to let me photograph them, in what started as a two to three hours trip to Nafplio, and ended up finishing late at night! I wish you happiness, love for each other.


Penny & Kostantinos | a winter wedding

When planning a winter wedding in Athens, you have to foresee so many things. But for Penny and Kostantinos this was a memorable night full of joy and happiness. Detailed wedding where two joyful and full of character people, got married being surrounded by their family and friends. Take a peak b


Melina baptism at Agios Kosmas

This small church at Agios Kosmas, is one of the smallest churches nearby the sea found in Athens, Attica peninsula. Melina and her parents, decided their baptism at Agios Kosmas, to happen there where the ceremony is taking place outside (the church is small inside). Sea and the sun play a vital