church photos

Little George baptism

Little George baptism held on a sunny day of May, at Christou Gennisis church in Paiania. We had the time to photograph little George, on the morning of the baptism, as he got ready for the church. choosing to photograph the baby before baptism, produces great results. George baptism was on a sunny


Mirto baptism

Stratos and Dimitra are dear friends, when they asked me to shoot their second daughter's - Mirto baptism i was as excited as honored! Mirto is beautiful, she has an expression of herself, she will grow up to be a fine young lady! Strato and Dimitra you have a loving family, your kids will love you!


Dionysis baptism

Little prince Dionysis baptism on June 2013 at Glyfada, Agios Nikolaos church. I would like to thank Maria, Dimitris and of course little Dionysis for the fun we had together. Dionysis you are blessed! Check out the blue theme christening of Dionysis at Agios Nikolaos church, Glyfada. 


Kelly & Petros

I met Kelly and Petros through Aggeliki (Eclectic Events) as we planned for the wedding. The wedding was on December of 2012 a rainy day (!) but we kept the mood going all night. I got to know Kelly and Petros more at the day when we scheduled our "next day" photo shoot, downtown Athens. I wish them


Η βάπτιση του Αλέξανδρου

H βάπτιση του Αλέξανδρου έγινε στην εκκλησία του Αγίου Τρύφωνα στο Καματερό, όπου οι φίλοι και οι φίλες του κατέκλησαν την εκκλησία για την πιο όμορφη στιγμή της μέχρι στιγμής ζωής του!


H μικρή Δήμητρα

Η βάπτιση της μικρής Δήμητρας πραγματοποιήθηκε στην Αγία Παρασκευή στο Ίλιον, ένα όμορφο εκκλησάκι στην Δυτική Αττική μια ηλιόλουστη Κυριακή.