Thassos is a wonderful island in northern Greece, vast coastline with white sand beaches and deep water blue sea. The Thassos wedding of Kristof and Zsofia, this summer, was easily the highlight for me. This young couple from Hungary had visited the island before and wanted to tie the knot in their favorite north Aegean island. Thassos terrain is mountainous but not particularly rugged, rising gradually from coast to center. The highest peak is Ypsario (Ipsario), at 1,205 metres, an awesome place to get pre wedding photos.

On the day before the wedding we visit the traditional village of Panagia and climbed on to Ypsario. This Thassos wedding photos mean a lot to me, as a hope they mean a lot to Szofia & Kristof. They gave me the opportunity to photograph them on a relaxed day, taking into consideration the natural beauty of Thassos. I think the photos speak for themselves! This vast and different scenery found in this north Aegean island, tells the story of this Thassos wedding.

Since we liked photography so much, we visited the marble quarry near Marble beach and Porto Vathy. The traditional village of Panagia, gave many opportunities for us to walk the scenic streets. A beautiful place to wonder if you visit the island. Next on our schedule the highest peak of the island, called Ypsario little over 1200 meters. What an amazing place, be sure to visit the mountain top as the view is spectacular. We got some amazing mountain wedding photos from the top, it was surely the best decision we made that day. Finally on our way back we visited the most touristic and well-known spot of Thassos, Giola. We got some night photos as the stars shined above us! Their wedding day was exactly as imagined, among family and best friends.

Photography: Dimitris Giouvris Photography
Reception: Vigli Restaurant

Thassos wedding | Kristof & Zsofia

My favorite images from this Thassos wedding.