A colorful next day wedding Nafplio photo shoot. Vasiliki and Giannis, at their best, where kind enough to let me photograph them, in what started as a two to three hours trip to Nafplio, and ended up finishing late at night! I wish you happiness, love for each other.

Special thanks also to Panagiotis from Wedmemories, who gave me the chance to work with those amazing people.

Nafplio photo shoot, a photographers paradise

Nafplio is a wonderful seaside city, full of colors and vivid-life people. If you find yourself there, try to walk around the old town streets, away from crowded tourist places. It is a perfect reason to travel there for a couple of days. Visit the castle which overlooks the city, the natural harbor, the old railway station, and best of all the small streets inside the old town of Nafplio. Below are my favorite images from the photo shoot.