Athens Surprise Proposal | Brian & Akiyo

You can always tell, from the first email exchange, the kindness and love this couple have. Brian a true gentleman, come to me with his idea. An Athens Surprise Proposal to his future wife Akiyo, during their trip to Greece. They would travel to Paros and Santorini, and wanted to get it done as s


Melina baptism at Agios Kosmas

This small church at Agios Kosmas, is one of the smallest churches nearby the sea found in Athens, Attica peninsula. Melina and her parents, decided their baptism at Agios Kosmas, to happen there where the ceremony is taking place outside (the church is small inside). Sea and the sun play a vital


Bridal photography | Aazria by NEM

I was contacted by my friend and talented designer Mrs Anna Bara, to photograph (bridal photography) the new collection of bridal dresses for summer – autumn Aazria by NEM 2015. Her ideas and concept of producing natural images under the sun on same of the main streets of Athens, suited