Another winter wedding with a Christmas appeal, and two wonderful people, Aggeliki-Pantelis. At the time we first met, Aggeliki and Pantelis were kind and gave me all the details for their wedding. I love Christmas decorated weddings, they are a lot different from Summer Greek islands and the idea besides having a wedding in Greece.

We had a wonderful time plus we enjoyed an excellent trip to Pilio (or Pelion), Magnisia for a next day photo shoot that was totally mind blowing. The atmosphere at Pilio is always unique, the breathtaking views and getting lost between those traditional built villages.

We managed to get some wonderful, storytelling images that Aggeliki-Pantelis, hopefully will cherish for many many years. As always Pelion offered the perfect background and made our little trip from Athens a joyful adventure.

I would like to thank Aggeliki-Pantelis for sharing their wedding memories with me, i wish you all the best!

Wedding Phototgrapher: Dimitris Giouvris Photography

Wedding at Panagia Elefterotria, Kifisia (Politeia)

Make-up & Styling Mirrored by Adamantia

Wedding Party at Jockey’s Country Club

Assistant Photographers: Panagiotis Barbopoulos, Theofilos Venardos

Aggeliki-Pantelis wedding photos