Sifnos, is one of my favorite islands in the Aegean sea. Every time i photograph a wedding or a baptism in Sifnos, i feel truly blessed just to be there. This is the story of Eleni’s baptism who traveled from the island of Crete to Sifnos. Eleni was baptized at Chrysopigi church, a church that overlooks the Aegean sea situated in a spectacular scenery.

Baptism in Sifnos island

The main church of the island, Chrysopigi church is a marvel on its own. Built in 16t0 the monastery is built at the edge of the peninsula and the church of Panagia Chrysopigi is the main architectural building. Surrounded by rocky edges Chrysopigi is connected with the main island by a small bridge which you pass on the way to the church. Baptism ceremony took place on a sunny windy Sunday. Reception continued at Folie Sifnos where a local band Xefrago Ambeli entertained the party.

Have a look at the following selected photos from Eleni’s baptism, a Greek island christening in the beautiful Aegean island of Sifnos.

Church: Panagia Chrysopigi, Sifnos island
Reception:  Folie Sifnos
Band: Xefrago Ambeli