Kelly & Petros

I met Kelly and Petros through Aggeliki (Eclectic Events) as we planned for the wedding. The wedding was on December of 2012 a rainy day (!) but we kept the mood going all night. I got to know Kelly and Petros more at the day when we scheduled our “next day” photo shoot, downtown Athens. I wish them the best, enjoy every moment!

Wedding Planner : Eclectic Events – Aggeliki Karnaxoriti
Church: Profitis Ilias, Kastella at Peiraeus
Venue: Peiraias 1911

Kelly-Petros wedding Kelly-Petros-02 Kelly-Petros-03 Kelly-Petros-04 Kelly-Petros-05 Kelly-Petros-06 Kelly-Petros-07 Kelly-Petros-08 Kelly-Petros-09 Kelly-Petros-10 Kelly-Petros-11 Kelly-Petros-12 Kelly-Petros-13 Kelly-Petros-14 Kelly-Petros-15 Kelly-Petros-16 Kelly-Petros-17 Kelly-Petros-18 Kelly-Petros-19 Kelly-Petros-20 Kelly-Petros-21 Kelly-Petros-22 Kelly-Petros-23 Kelly-Petros-24 Kelly-Petros-25 Kelly-Petros-26 Kelly-Petros-27 Kelly-Petros-28 Kelly-Petros-29 Kelly-Petros-30 Kelly-Petros-31 Kelly-Petros-32 Kelly-Petros-33 Kelly-Petros-34 Kelly-Petros-35 Kelly-Petros-36 Kelly-Petros-37 Kelly-Petros-38 Kelly-Petros-39 Kelly-Petros-40 Kelly-Petros-41 Kelly-Petros-42 Kelly-Petros-43 Kelly-Petros-44 Kelly-Petros-45 Kelly-Petros-46 Kelly-Petros-47 Kelly-Petros-48 Kelly-Petros-49 Kelly-Petros-50 Kelly-Petros-51 Kelly-Petros-52 Kelly-Petros-53 Kelly-Petros-54 Kelly-Petros-55 Kelly-Petros-56 Kelly-Petros-57 Kelly-Petros-58 Kelly-Petros-59 Kelly-Petros-60 Kelly-Petros-61 Kelly-Petros-62 Kelly-Petros-63 Kelly-Petros-64 Kelly-Petros-65 Kelly-Petros-66 Kelly-Petros-67 Kelly-Petros-68 Kelly-Petros-69 Kelly-Petros-70 Kelly-Petros-71 Kelly-Petros-72 Kelly-Petros-73 Kelly-Petros-74 Kelly-Petros-75 Kelly-Petros-76