Pre Wedding

Santorini Photography

Glorious Santorini Photography, perfect for engagement or pre-wedding sessions. Walk the caldera's traditional villages admiring the sun, small white houses. Book your vacation photographer and enjoy once in a lifetime photography session, in this unique Greek island. Wonder the sun swept small road


Wedding dress fitting with friends & family + tips

While we first met thru the internet, i immediately found her, a heart warming person, very outgoing full of young and fresh attitude. Along with her future husband, Nertil, we all three planned their wedding photography coverage, but it was her last wedding dress fitting that got all of us excit


Thassos wedding | Kristof & Zsofia

Thassos is a wonderful island in northern Greece, vast coastline with white sand beaches and deep water blue sea. The Thassos wedding of Kristof and Zsofia, this summer, was easily the highlight for me. This young couple from Hungary had visited the island before and wanted to tie the knot in their