Sofia-Kostas isthmia wedding on June 2013

I knew Kostas as a friend but Sofia blew me away the moment i met her. I think they were born for each other. Coming to the wedding day all i kept thinking was how emotional this wedding was going to be! I hope their love for each other never washes away, i wish them the best. Their wedding was held in Agios Nikolaos Isthmia church and the reception at Isthmia Hotel.

Check out below my selection of photos from their wedding, and a same day wedding slideshow that we did the wedding day!

Sofia-Kostas wedding - Kostas getting ready photos

Sofia-Kostas Isthmia wedding - Sofia getting ready photosSofia-Kostas Isthmia wedding - church photos Sofia-Kostas Isthmia wedding - party photos Sofia-Kostas Isthmia wedding - next day photos

Sofia Kostas sunset wedding photo

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Church: Agios Nikolaos, Isthmia Korinthos
Venue: Isthmia Prime hotel
Music: Panagiotis Fanis (DJPF)