Sometimes less is more! Less is beautiful, less is lovely, less is definitely more romantic. Spyridoula & Apostolis, easy-going couple, cool people. Their wedding was held at Plaka, Agion Anargiron Metochi Panagiou Tafou Church. Plaka district in downtown Athens is the center of Ancient Athens, small alleys and colorful roads. The church was constructed in the 17th century at a location where in antiquity was a temple of the goddess Aphrodite. It is constituted by the catholicon of a monastery which was founded in 1651.

Spyridoula arrived in style on a historic Mercedes Benz, while Apostolis held her hand during the symbolic orthodox wedding ceremony. This was a stylish and laid back inspired wedding for the couple. The wonderful scenery and surroundings of nearby small streets added to the concept of this wedding. We took our time to plan a walk after the ceremony to nearby Anafiotika neighborhood for much needed couple photos.

The couple with their guests enjoyed a fine dinner in a nearby Plaka restaurant.


Spyridoula-Apostolis – a wedding in Plaka

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