Viki – Grigoris, a unique couple, that came to me asking to photograph their wedding in their own way respecting my style. I loved them from the very first time we were introduced. Happy people, easy going, we partied till late and the photos are as unique to them as so much beautiful for me. I hope they cherish the moments together for the rest of their life!

Viki-Grigoris-03 Viki-Grigoris-04 Viki-Grigoris-05 Viki-Grigoris-06
Viki-Grigoris-07 Viki-Grigoris-08 Viki-Grigoris-09 Viki-Grigoris-10 Viki-Grigoris-11 Viki-Grigoris-12 Viki-Grigoris-13 Viki-Grigoris-14 Viki-Grigoris-15 Viki-Grigoris-16 Viki-Grigoris-17 Viki-Grigoris-18 Viki-Grigoris-19 Viki-Grigoris-20 Viki-Grigoris-21 Viki-Grigoris-22 Viki-Grigoris-23
Viki-Grigoris-24 Viki-Grigoris-25 Viki-Grigoris-26 Viki-Grigoris-27 Viki-Grigoris-28 Viki-Grigoris-29 Viki-Grigoris-30 Viki-Grigoris-31 Viki-Grigoris-32 Viki-Grigoris-33 Viki-Grigoris-34 Party at Aithria Venue (Korinthos)