Have a look at this Romantic Stylish Wedding in Folegandros full of Olive Branches and White Flowers. Elisabetta and Alessandro traveled from neighboring Italy to the sunny rocky island of Folegandros. A Greek themed wedding. A perfectly orchestrated wedding in the old castle area (Kastro), in front of Panagia Pantanassa church. The small alleys, the white-washed small houses and colorful flowery hidden spots of Kastro area bonded the couple with Folegandros hospitality and Greek themed backgrounds.

Folegandros, a small island of untouched beauty is dominated by its main village, Chora. It stands in on the foothill of the hill that is dominated by the church of Panagia. Chora is closed to traffic. A calm scenery with three squares in a row, and plenty of trees between the harmonic small alleys. The small fortress called Kastro is situated inside Chora. It was built by the Venetians during the 12th century. The scenic backgrounds of this Aegean island is a unique sight.

Elisabetta and Alessandro decided on a Greek themed wedding in Folegandros, with olive branches and white flower details. The bride goes one step ahead and wishes to all future brides “To be glad of what we have, to remain calm and to enjoy every single moment of the wedding without any stress“.  It was a wonderful ceremony with their families and best friends there to celebrate together. A wonderful Italian finesse mixed with the wonderful island of Folegandros.

Wedding Photography: Dimitris Giouvris Photography
Wedding dress and bride shoes: Davino Spose Atelier Rome (Italy)
Make-up artist: Tatiana Grosso my Witness and best friend make up and nail artist.
Hairstylist: Katerina Sousi (Folegandros)
Bride’s jewels: Ann Accessories Studio (Ukraine), Sigalshakked jewelry Tel Aviv (Israel), Aya jewellery Ayun Kara (Israel)
Invitation and Wedding menu: Bibart Partecipazioni (Italy)
Flowers decorations: Betty Flowers Santorini
Wedding rings: Giovaruscio jewelery Rome (Italy)
Wedding rings holder: Alisa Mayde Colorado (U.S.A.)
Groom’s and son’s suit: Lìnneo clothing Brescia (Italy)
Groom’s shoes: Leise shoes Brescia (Italy)
Restaurant: Zefiros Anemos Folegandros
Hotel: Aegeo Folegandros
Wedding cake: Artos and Gefsy bakery Folegandros
Cake topper: Wedding Pros Georgia (U.S.A.)
Guest book: Saya Art Design Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Ceremony: Sottovento Folegandros
Wedding Arch: The giant woodshop Folegandros
Guest favors: Natura Greca Tripoli (Greece)
Church: Panagia Pantanassa

Wedding in Folegandros photos below!