Eleni baptism in Sifnos island

Sifnos, is one of my favorite islands in the Aegean sea. Every time i photograph a wedding or a baptism in Sifnos, i feel truly blessed just to be there. This is the story of Eleni’s baptism who traveled from the island of Crete to Sifnos. Eleni was baptized at Chrysopigi church, a church t


Katerina | Summer Tinos baptism

Check out this summer Tinos baptism, an excellent Aegean island themed christening of Katerina. Colorful decoration, white and blue Greek island backdrop. Tinos. Virgin Mary’s home. Where god Aeolus lives. Where art flourishes. The island of pristine beaches. The island, whose villages travel you


Melina baptism at Agios Kosmas

This small church at Agios Kosmas, is one of the smallest churches nearby the sea found in Athens, Attica peninsula. Melina and her parents, decided their baptism at Agios Kosmas, to happen there where the ceremony is taking place outside (the church is small inside). Sea and the sun play a vital


Little George baptism

Little George baptism held on a sunny day of May, at Christou Gennisis church in Paiania. We had the time to photograph little George, on the morning of the baptism, as he got ready for the church. choosing to photograph the baby before baptism, produces great results. George baptism was on a sunny


Spyros Alexandros baptism

Photos from the Spyros Alexandros baptism – christening at Iera Moni Agiou Ioanni Kaisariani. Party – Reception at Ya Cafe Restaurant. Check out a selection of my favorite images from the baptism – christening of the twins Spyros and Alexandros. The ceremony took place at the ho


Mirto baptism

Stratos and Dimitra are dear friends, when they asked me to shoot their second daughter's - Mirto baptism i was as excited as honored! Mirto is beautiful, she has an expression of herself, she will grow up to be a fine young lady! Strato and Dimitra you have a loving family, your kids will love you!


Dionysis baptism

Little prince Dionysis baptism on June 2013 at Glyfada, Agios Nikolaos church. I would like to thank Maria, Dimitris and of course little Dionysis for the fun we had together. Dionysis you are blessed! Check out the blue theme christening of Dionysis at Agios Nikolaos church, Glyfada. 


Apostolia baptism

Little miss Apostolia was baptised on a hot Sunday morning at Agios Giannis Theologos, a wonderful church at Ano Liosia, Athens. Manoli and Pasxalia, i wish you the best for little miss princess! Photos from Apostolia baptism