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Aggeliki-Pantelis wedding + next day at Pilio

Another winter wedding with a Christmas appeal, and two wonderful people, Aggeliki-Pantelis. At the time we first met, Aggeliki and Pantelis were kind and gave me all the details for their wedding. I love Christmas decorated weddings, they are a lot different from Summer Greek islands and the ide


Andi – Mike Athens epic wedding

Andi - Mike Athens epic wedding, Greece by two young people that live in New York, USA. Mike and Andi come to Athens to get married, as soon as we discussed i found out how gorgeous couple they are. I couldn't have asked for a sweetest couple other than Mike and Andi who come to me, immediately like


Kelly & Petros

I met Kelly and Petros through Aggeliki (Eclectic Events) as we planned for the wedding. The wedding was on December of 2012 a rainy day (!) but we kept the mood going all night. I got to know Kelly and Petros more at the day when we scheduled our "next day" photo shoot, downtown Athens. I wish them


Ζαχαρένια και Γιώργος

Η Ζαχαρένια και Γιώργος παντρεύτηκαν στην μικρή αλλά πανέμορφη εκκλησία Αγ. Δύναμης στα Σπάτα, τον Μάιο. Γνώριζα τον Γιώργο από τους αγώνες μοτοσυκλέτας, είναι Πανελλήνιος πρωταθλητής Enduro 2010! Έτσι καταλήξαμε στην Βαρυμπόμπη όπου και η φωτογράφηση με την μοτοσυκλέτα, σαν θεματική φωτογράφηση